Rebate Tips

Here are some great tips to follow. We want you to get your rebate quickly!

Each promotion has date ranges in which you can purchase and submit your information to receive your rebate. You must sign up for service within the dates stated on the Official Rebate form. Make sure you mail in your completed form before the printed submission date (or submit online when available). You should always try to submit your request 5-7 days before the expiration date to make sure you meet all of the requirements. Please note that we are not responsible for submissions that are lost, damaged, misdirected, delayed or failed to be received.

Complete all of the information requested on your Official Rebate form. Do not leave anything blank. If we ask for it, we need it to verify your purchase! Print clearly, preferably with black or blue ink, using block letters. If we can't read it we can't process it. Sign and date the Rebate form (if required) and mail on time. If you submit online, make sure that you complete all steps and print a copy of your final submission.

The Official Rebate form will list exactly what you need to purchase to receive your rebate. Check for the exact product name or service name. The form will list the product or service that must be purchased so can confirm product eligibility. If you think you have not purchased the required product, check with the service provider where you made your purchase.

Check your form to locate any additional information that is needed. Most rebates require you to send specific proofs of purchase and/or multiple invoices so don't throw anything away! You may be required to send in original receipts, so make sure you check your Rebate form for specific instructions.

If we have any questions about anything you are submitting, your photocopies may help us resolve them. This will also assist you if you need to follow-up on your rebate submission. Make sure to note your offer number so that you can check your status online. Without copies of everything you sent in, it may be difficult to resolve potential issues that may occur.

Mail your completed Rebate form and any additional requirements to the address listed on your Rebate form. Make sure you provide the proper postage for your mailing, especially if you are required to mail to an address outside your country. Allow 8-10 weeks for your submission to be received, processed and payment sent to you. If it has been 10 weeks since you mailed your submission and you have not yet received your Rebate, click on Track Your Rebate to check on the status of your submission.

Refer to our Rebate Center FAQs section for additional information about specific questions.